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Borders & Medalions


Borders for wooden floors


Floor borders are the artistic elements in the form of the path, which frame edges of the composition. Borders add an elegent finish to the interior of a room or space. Hardwood floor borders are available in a variety of styles and patterns. We can also create custom borders to your own design specifications.

Borders flooring can be used to define a specific area or convert simple parquet into the upscale, top-of-the-line art flooring.

Medalions for Hardwood Floors

Medallions - are the most popular decorative elements of artistic parquet. More often floor medallions are the figures of different colour and shape.


Medallion, as a rule, is the centre of parquet composition. The picture of medallions flooring can be complex and simple. Medallions flooring can be composed of 2 and up to 15 kinds of trees.

Floor medallions are executed by our experienced craftsmen with the offered wood species or species combination of your choice, with standard or custom sizes. The solid wood wear layer is 5\8", which is unmatched in the industry. You may customize any medallions flooring with the elements from other floor medallions or borders or add your initials in any models of the medallions. Our possibilities are boundless.

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